I'm a progressive Canadian 🇨🇦, sports journalist ⚽️, photographer 📷, writer ✍️, teacher/trainer 👨‍🏫, IT consultant 🖥, and (sometimes) grumpy old man 👴 with a B.Sc. (biology) and a teaching certificate (Montessori specialty).

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⚽️ Sports journalism and photography 📷

Back in 2005, I began a new chapter in my life, joining a community newspaper as its sports editor. My work there allowed me to highlight local sports and recreation, as well as athletes enjoying their respective sports near and far. I shot photos, interviewed people, wrote stories, edited content, and designed the sports pages of the newspaper. In time, some of the content moved online, expanding to include videos.

A victim of downsizing 13 years on, my sports journalism and photography career moved into the freelance era, while I launched my Sports in Glengarry and Beyond presence on a variety of platforms, including SubStack where I currently publish the bulk of my stories.

Videos are published to YouTube and/or Vimeo, while I am also experimenting with podcasting. You can check out all my links lower down on this page.

Junior B hockey action in Williamstown, ON. (Sean Bray photo)

Junior B hockey action in Williamstown, ON. (Sean Bray photo)

Taking sports action photos is a great deal of fun. I have a stash of photos that I have shot in the past and have plans to post these to an online gallery for your viewing pleasure.

I believe sports/recreation journalism should be interactive, so there are a number of ways you can connect with me and the local sports community. Check out the options below, including groups on Facebook, Telegram, Viber, and Signal.

If you have a sports tip or request, be sure to reach out to me. Thank you.

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