I'm a progressive Canadian 🇨🇦, sports journalist ⚽️, photographer 📷, writer ✍️, teacher/trainer 👨‍🏫, IT consultant 🖥, and (sometimes) grumpy old man 👴 with a B.Sc. (biology) degree and a teaching certificate (Montessori specialty).

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⚽️ Sports journalism and photography 📷

Back in 2005, I began a new chapter in my life, joining a community newspaper as its sports editor. My work there allowed me to highlight local sports and recreation, as well as athletes enjoying their respective sports near and far. I shot photos, interviewed people, wrote stories, edited content, and designed the sports pages of the newspaper. In time, some of the content moved online, expanding to include videos.

A victim of downsizing 13 years on, my sports journalism and photography career moved into the freelance era, while I launched my Sports in Glengarry and Beyond presence on various platforms, including SubStack where I currently publish the bulk of my stories.

Videos are published on YouTube and/or Vimeo, while I am also experimenting with podcasting and various audio platforms. You can check out all my links lower down on this page.

Junior B hockey action in Williamstown, ON. (Sean Bray photo)

Junior B hockey action in Williamstown, ON. (Sean Bray photo)

Taking sports action photos is a great deal of fun. I have a stash of photos that I have shot in the past and have plans to post these to an online gallery for your viewing pleasure. Some of my images can be found on my Facebook page, while others are published to my photography portfolio on Pixelfed (See links below).

Sports/recreation journalism should be interactive, so there are a number of ways you can connect with me and the local sports community. Check out the options below, including groups on Signal, Matrix, Telegram, and Facebook.